If It Is A Diamond, It Has To Be Argyle Pink Diamonds

If It Is A Diamond, It Has To Be Argyle Pink Diamonds
 03/05/2017 03:00 AM

Diamonds are rare as it takes millions of years for nature to form them. And even in these, the pink diamonds can be considered as the rarest and hence the most valuable.

The Argyle story always catches the world's fancy. This is because the Argyle Diamond Mine produces 90% of the world's supply of pink, blue, champagne and cognac diamonds. This mine started operating in 1985 in Western Australia. Since then it has become the largest producer of diamonds worldwide, in terms of volume.

While the other coulored diamonds have some sort of impurity leading to their color, this is not the case with pink diamonds. These are pure diamonds with no impurity. The pink color is due to seismic activity that tends to reflect pink light and hence the color. Do note that historic seismic activity tends to differ greatly from place to place. Hence, Argyle is considered as the only significant source of pink diamonds in the world.

But the story does not end here. The diamond mine has been plagued by its low yield of high quality gemstones. Hence, the mine is expected to close down its production by 2020. This is why people are rushing to get their pink diamonds as early as they possibly can. As per estimates, there are less than 500 tender diamonds that are yet to be earthed. This has made pink diamonds rarer than ever before! In fact, their price is now going up to millions of dollars. They can be purchased only by a few lucky ones but there are also jewellers that offer them at a reasonable price.

But, it is quite clear that the demand for diamonds, especially the pink ones is simply insatiable. Whether it is collectors, connoisseurs or investors, argyle pink diamonds will always be in demand as people will go to any length in order to acquire these rare and unique gems!

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